Cost: $350 micro loan per person


GEAR – A Helping Hand That Matters

Our prime objective at GEAR is changing lives, providing practical means to a better quality of life and empowering people to livelihood and sustenance for the long term. The measurable effects and benefits to families and communities are immense.

Work Process:

GEAR Team is performing with a sequence of activities.

Identification of GEAR Partner:

The process starts with identifying and searching for the right individual who will become GEAR Partner either for Loan or Zakat Fund as per their need and circumstances.

Loan/Zakat Appraisal:

Our Relationship Officer undertakes a detailed discussion into every aspect of applicant’s livelihood and existing or intended business for cash flow analysis.

Credential Verification:

All cases after initial appraisal are forwarded to the Operations department. They counter check the provided information and recommend for final approval.


The President of the organization approves all disbursement cases both loan and Zakat.


Confirmation of Fund Allocation:

After successful approval of cases, GEAR Team conducts a meeting to distribute a “Certificate of GEAR Partner” in which the selected applicant is declared as an affiliated GEAR Partner for a specific time period. The approved limit of the allocated fund to the respective GEAR Partner is confirmed. Following confirmation, the GEAR Team member help GEAR Partner to spends the allocated amount for the purchase of business assets/stocks as per their input during appraisal.

GEAR Team also creates awareness regarding GEAR activities in the community to encourage and motivate other members of the community for Self Employment with self-reliance.

Repayment Collection & Business Overseeing:

We follow up with partners each month for help, support as well collection of payments. This ongoing process also helps GEAR Team oversee not only GEAR Partner’s business activities but highlight critical problems (if any) so that they can be addressed.

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