Dear friend


I opened this school in Islamabad Pakistan about 2 years ago for poor, needy children who used to go through people,s garbage to find something eatable.They were always hungry, undernourished, filthy& like wild animals.

Now we have about 122 kids ranging in age from 4-14 years.

They get breakfast & lunch free every day.

Look at them now in this video which was broadcast on Pakistan TV in September 2019.

They look clean, well fed & well behaved. They are determined to learn reading ,writing , Math & computers-to become a decent wage earner for their families & break the cycle of poverty.

They are also learning how to make money on side by making cakes & swing bags for people,s grocery shopping etc.& selling them otherwise their poor needy parents will pull them out from school to work as servants in rich people houses where they are abused physically, sexually so that they can earn some money for their survival.

It is shameful but I guess when one is starved & sick every thing is possible.

I am not sending you this to brag about myself but to make you realize the urgent need to reform children’s  lives by giving them free education. 


Thanks for reading.❤️

- Hamida