HBCT November 2020 Update

Last year we partnered with an organization named GEAR trust in Pakistan. Their specialty is giving out microloans and helping individuals start a business. Supporting people through enabling entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves. We have seen a lot of success with this program and have made tremendous success in empowering individuals to become self-dependent. All of the loans have been paid back on time which allows new individuals to participate in this program.

HBCT has mostly concentrated on education from primary to professional schools, vocational training, nursing programs, and medical colleges. We have also been actively participating in food ration distributions, water well construction all with the cooperation of GEAR trust.

This year we have made a new partnership with Amanatdaar Welfare Trust which is a non-profit organization registered in the United States. Focused primarily on education, HBCT has expanded its operations on vocational centers. In-demand programs such as multimedia production, this organization is already doing a phenomenal job helping kids from education support to distribution of warm blankets in colder climates. 

HBCT has become an official partner with Amanatdaar Welfare Trust to strengthen our ability to reach as many individuals as possible.

- Mohammed Battla